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Our Bodtini Duo comes with:

  • 16oz Exfoliating Body Polish
  •  8oz Hydrating Body Silk


Hydrating Body Silk:

A super-charged, luxurious body lotion that knows how to flex. This light weight, body silk instantly comforts and renews by saturating your skin with long-lasting, deep hydration.  Infused with cell-renewing ingredients (jojoba, vit e), as well as the top occlusive (shea butter), your skin will have no choice but to take it like a champ and retain all that moisture. Let’s top it off by saying… it smells Ahhhhhh-mazing!


Exfoliating Body Polish:

Exfoliation is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies. Dry, dull skin won’t remove itself, and radiance is a must! Without lifting off dead skin cells, it’s nearly impossible for moisturizers to penetrate below the skins surface.

P.S exfoliation also improves circulation, frees ingrown hair and improves tone & texture.


SUGAR Duo - Buff & Hydrate

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